Google’s Nest security system to require 2-factor authentication for all users

Google’s Nest security system to require 2-factor authentication for all users

Google-owned home security system Nest will require all customers to use two-factor authentication starting this spring, the company announced Tuesday.

The new requirements come after Amazon’s home security system, Ring, was slapped with a lawsuit in December over security camera hacking.

“We’re always exploring how to protect your privacy and security while also giving you control over the ease of access to your account and what you share,” Nest Head of Security and Privacy Cory Scott in a blog post on Safer Internet Day. “An extra layer of defense gives you more control over your home devices in the long run by making sure only trusted people and devices can use them.”

The blog post recommended customers “migrate” to using Google accounts, which come with security benefits such as “suspicious activity detection and Security Checkup.”

It added that Nest will now require both a password and a unique verification code sent to the phone of the customer who wants to log in.

The security measure has “long” been optional for Nest users, but now the security system is making it a requirement for all customers.

Nest also added other new security features including a tool that “detects when an automated attack is attempted and reduces the likelihood of it being successful” and notifications that will let users know whenever someone logs into an account.

Home security companies are taking extra steps toward account protection after a Ring customer sued the Amazon company for negligence, invasion of privacy, breach of implied contract, breach of implied warranty and unjust enrichment following a hacking incident involving his children. Several other similar incidents have made national news.


Source:- foxbusiness