Can you track your second stimulus check now? What we know about getting your status

Can you track your second stimulus check now? What we know about getting your status

The IRS and US Treasury are already sending out the second stimulus checks that President Donald Trump signed into law as part of December’s COVID relief bill. To help you track your incoming payment, the IRS is in the process of updating its online tool so you can check the status of your second stimulus check — and your first if you’ve not received that one yet. (Here’s how to calculate your new stimulus check total.)

“The tool is being updated with new information,” the IRS said in a statement Tuesday, adding that it’ll be available “in a few days.” As of Jan. 1, the Get My Payment website showed a note saying it is “temporarily offline.”


The IRS built its free tool in the spring to help those who were eligible for the first stimulus check monitor their payments, including how much money they qualified for, the status of the payment and any issues that might be holding up delivery. As with the first round of payments, these second stimulus checks are going out either directly to bank accounts via direct deposit or in the mail as paper checks or prepaid EIP cards. While the tool is not live yet for the second stimulus check, we anticipate it will provide similar information for the new round of payments. We’ll also tell you another way to track your mailed check to your house.

How to track your second stimulus check status with the IRS

The portal for the IRS tool, called Get My Payment, is “temporarily offline,” as the IRS updates it for the just-approved second check. When the IRS rolled out the portal for the first check in the spring, it let you monitor the status of your payment, and we expect it will work much the same way for people who are eligible for the second stimulus check. The IRS said you’ll also be able to track the status of your first check, if you are still waiting for that one.

Here’s how the Get My Payment tool worked before going offline.

1. Head to the IRS’ Get My Payment page and tap the blue Get My Payment button to check the status of your economic impact payment.

2. On the next page about authorized use, tap OK.

3. On the Get My Payment page, enter your Social Security number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), your date of birth, your street address and your ZIP or postal code. Tap ContinueRead more>>



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